Tailored Events & Marketing
for the Tech Industry

Boost your sales and visibility with your own events and the right marketing operations.
Generate more leads and become a thought leader in your industry. 


sparket helps companies, especially startups, in the technology, software and digital industry to increase traction in the market through the right marketing measures and events. By developing and organizing sales and recruiting-oriented events, sparket supports companies to generate more leads, become a thought leader in their market and make new contacts to potential employees and customers, even in early stages. 

Developing and integrating an event and marketing strategy costs a lot of time and human resources smaller companies or startups usually lack during their early stages. sparket enables these companies to set up small, local events as well as own niche conferences and marketing strategies.

Having an effective marketing strategy in place right from the beginning is essential for your business growth and long-term success. sparket`s concept is startup-friendly, capital-saving and allows you to focus on your core business.

Your benefits
• Increase visibility and exposure to your ecosystem    
• Build a community of early adopoters of your product 
• Become a thought leader
• Make recruitment easy and effective
• Market your product to hundreds of people at once
• Network with your industry and find new leads and partnerships


Event Management
Strategic planning, organization, and support of events like conferences, Business Breakfasts, Lunch & Learn, exhibition appearance and others.

• Consulting: Identifying and conceptualize events that can help reach your goals    
• Developing strategies to establish a good position within industry through events and other marketing initiatives
• Building a full concept for your event from an early planning phase to the operational execution of the event
• Acquiring sponsors, speakers and cooperation partners
• Event marketing through different offline and online channels

B2B Marketing

• Defining a marketing strategy and help setting up the department and effective structures    
• Building your Content Marketing Strategy
• Buyer Personas Workshop
• Press contents and relations


The Founder

Sarah is an experienced and renowned marketing executive. Born and raised in Germany, she studied English and business administration at university.

From 2013-2016 Sarah worked for About You, reporting directly to the CEO, Tarek Muller, and was responsible for organizing one of the largest developer conferences in Germany. Within a short year, she was able to grow the event from a few hundred to over one thousand participants and turned it into one of the most popular tech conferences in Germany. While working with About You, Sarah discovered her passion for technology products and services.

In the past three years Sarah worked in strategic B2B Marketing for an SaaS company in the Online Marketing industry. Besides establishing new marketing strategies for lead generation she was also responsible for channels like PR, events and content marketing.

Sarah is passionate about tech and loves to help startups and other companies to create the content and insights they need to be seen in the market.


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